About Me

Hello beautiful! And welcome.

This is my personal story about how I came to choose AF (Alcohol Free) life as my way of life. 

I am by no means an expert. After all, at the time of launching (early February 2019) I’m only four months and change into this adventure. However, I can tell you I was an expert on drinking. Drinking for confidence, drinking to relieve boredom, drinking to celebrate. Drinking when I stubbed my toe and when my Amazon delivery arrived late. Drinking when the latest celebrity couple split up. Because, you know, it’s a tragedy. 

I was the party girl extraordinaire. I was a party for hire. Wherever I was there was fun. 

Then there was chaos too. And drama. And the most fretful hangovers known to mankind. But wasn’t this just how it was? Everybody drank like me. 

Surely, drinking is just a thing we do? 

Until one day it wasn’t. 

And guess what, the party needn’t stop. 

Big AF love,