On fruit, men and abstinence

Feeling fruity

Stop the press! 

For it appears that FF (food free) is the new AF (alcohol free)! 

Well, not quite FF, but close enough. 

Let me explain:

I have a group of dear friends with whom we like to play what’s known as the ‘Did you Know’ game, the premise of which is pretty clear from its title. 

Possibly one of the most famous of those Did you Knows (DYKs) was “Did you know that the avocado is the only food that man can survive on solely for the rest of his life?” 

These DYKs are usually discussed at length as well as analysed for accuracy, and, as was in the case of the avocado DYK, often rebutted pretty speedily. 

Enter in to the picture an energy workshop that I attended over the weekend where I encounter an attendee whom I shall name ‘Fruitman’. 

Over a glass of sparking water (for him) and a chicken salad (for me) I learn that Fruitman has for the past three years lived on nothing but one or two pieces of fruit every day. Fine, it’s not quite the same as living on smashed avocado alone (without the requisite poached eggs and lightly toasted rye bread made famous by West London mummies), but in the interest of aforementioned DYK game, he’s come deliciously close to proving the validity of said statement. 

Had it been the first time I’d heard of somebody living off not much more than thin air, I would have responded with a stronger version of “naff off”, but, only a few months back I researched the phenomenon and came across examples of many men and women who seemed to have survived on nothing but water for decades. 

Before anybody sends the men in white coats to get me: do not worry. I am not about to give up my 1500 calories a day for the ‘dust’ offered on Little Britain quite yet. However, the encounter did strengthen in me the belief that almost anything can be achieved using the power of the mind. 

For many toying with the idea of a break from alcohol, for example, abstinence can seem a worse destiny than plying one’s nails off one by one whilst walking on a tightrope. “But I like the taste of it.” “But it helps me relax in social situations.” “But it really helps me sleep.” being some of the more popular things we tell ourselves in order not to attempt the challenge at all, or, in order to allow ourselves to break our resolve a third of the way through it. 

The truth is, our subconscious mind is happy to go with whatever stance we want to conjure up. It is up to us to tell our subconscious what to believe. 

Whilst I’m not seeking to go in to a debate as to the validity of Fruitman’s claims, my own experience shows that it is possible to change ones inner world and beliefs and to do so at a rapid pace. 

In fact possibly a less popular decision than going alcohol free was my decision to couple this with going sugar free. 

“You must be nuts!” “No, but I do eat a lot of them.”

For a very long time I had been feeling out of balance. Despite being a relatively sporty person with mostly healthy eating habits I was exhausted every single day of my life. And this was also paradoxically one of the things that drove me to drink more. Sobriety finally gave me the opportunity to really get my body in order. I, like many people who drink a lot, really struggled with candida, probably for decades. Candida affects the joints, sleep and digestion, and it gives you that fuzzy brain, amongst a long list of other less than desirable ailments. Candida loves sugar and yeast which is why it’s such a keen bedfellow to those who like to quench their thirst with heavier stuff than tap water. 

Let me tell you ladies and gents: in a battle between Alcohol in one corner and Sugar in the other, it was Sugar that knocked the most brutal of punches. In the past when taking a break from alcohol I have been downing copious shots of tequila in my dreams. This time I dreamt of swallowing a gerbil sized piece of cake in one, and I could actually taste the toffee sauce in my mouth, heavenly, still slightly warm in all its gooey sugary glory, only to wake up in a slight panic that I had broken my resolve. Unlike alcohol that I would typically have to actively seek out, sugar was right there, in pretty much every bit of food and drink I used to consume on a daily basis. 

There is no denying it. It was a headf***. 

Of course alcohol itself is laden with packs of sugar, which is why so many who attempt dry January and the like end up polishing off their entire Christmas candy collection in minutes desperately looking for that familiar sugar rush, and are then left wondering why they don’t feel any better even though they’ve quit the drink. Cue: getting back on the booze, “this ain’t working…”

My desire to rid my body of this unwanted intruder (Candida) was one of the bigger burning yeses that helped me walk past countless sweet counters and even to say no to the moistest chocolate cake to ever have graced this earth, as served at my son’s birthday party in December. 

Considering the steps it took for me to choose AF life when I did, it’s interesting to think whether an earlier meeting with Fruitman years or decades ago could have changed the direction of my life. Whether his dedication would have rubbed off on me, inspired me, sparked something in me. One thing is for sure, today it’s most certainly given me food for thought (if not for much else), and I hope it will do so for you too.

Friday’s post will be about the Random Acts of Kindness Day taking place on the coming Sunday (17th February 2019). Perhaps it’s the single gal in me but I feel this day needs far more promotion than its much more famous cousin, Valentine’s Day, and I look forward to penning a few lines about it. 

’til then, look after yourselves and your loved ones. 

Big AF love,

Monika x

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7 thoughts on “On fruit, men and abstinence

  1. Wonderful blog, made me smile -like you always do! Thought provoking as well, will try to keep up with you and walk past those sweet counters….look forward to your next lines…

    1. Hi Harriet! I am so glad to hear it, too much frowning goes on these days 😉
      Do you know I went to Finland recently and I’ve never seen so many sweet counters anywhere, I always forget about us Finns’ affinity to sweets.
      I remember counting my pennies every Saturday to see how many I could get from the penny store, and then in a group we would sit there and devour our respective stashes in one go. I especially loved the liquorice monkey heads and the sweet and sour bottles. Even now thinking about it I can taste them in my mouth.
      Have a fab weekend, I will be posting about random acts of kindness this weekend, so I hope you’ll enjoy it! x

    1. Hola Daniela! And that dastardly thing worms its way everywhere.
      So glad you love the blog! Keep coming back, I am busy working on the next post about random acts of kindness and hope you’ll love it!

  2. Awesome blog – made me laugh a lot! I also totally agree with you about the way we can manage our subconscious for a better life! I am working on it… also working on sugar free life but did manage to persuade myself today that 78% chocolate was ok 😉 Looking forward to the next blog!

    1. Hi Tracy! I am here to spread joy so glad to hear you got some giggles out of it! Well, there are certainly worse things in life than 78% chocolate. My sweet treat these days is a bucket full of berries as they don’t effect my candida, hurrah! I must admit I have enough nuts for a family of squirrels to feast on for an entire winter on a daily basis too… It’s just something about the crunch that’s so satisfying. I did just add some 100% chocolate nibs to my quinoa porridge when it was still cooking on the stove. I made it in to coconut milk and it felt super indulgent. What a way to start a Friday. Have a gorgeous weekend! xxx

  3. I’m still struggling to kick the sugar. I’ll remind myself about the candida connection next time I reach for the chocolate! Nice one. Big loves!

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